I am back to writing here, it is amazing to realize that it has been exactly one year since the last time I wrote my last post.  Does this mean I don’t like writing? No.  Maybe this blog is too minimalist.  What ever the case may be, I like even that fact that I have the freedom to write whenever I want, no expectations from anyone, no plans for rolling out a plan for content, no pressure, no hassle, no complexity.

I would not like to describe here what has happened in my life in one year, that would almost make me feel like I am trying to answer one of those long history tests in middle school!

What would be interesting to see is what is on my mind next year and if I get to write here again on the same day as (now) every year.  I don’t know what will be in my mind by then.  If I knew, life would not be as exciting as it is.  What I know is that I have in my mind today and I’ll just describe it briefly:

Even though as we grow up, the world seems to be more complex, therefore our lives seem to be that way too, that should not be the case for everyone.   I am liking to think of my life as one that is simple and easy, even in the midst of being busy and experiencing life as simple and easy should remain like this.   Even …

After a year!