This should be normal

Yesterday a friend of mine invited to me all of a sudden to a musical concert, it turned out that one of her friends that was going to go with her canceled for some reason and she was strongly suggesting that I take the extra ticket and go watch this show.  It was interesting that it was one of those decisions that I took in a quick moment.

I had no idea of what this musical show was about, nor did I want to know details, I just thought I was going to like it.  And I did like it, but what got my attention almost at the end of the show was that it sounded familiar to me, and after searching through my memory I realized: “wait a minute, I’ve seen this, yes, I’ve seen this, yes I posted it on my (Posterous) blog!!” Next thing I was doing was reaching to my pocket to search for it on my iPhone.

Yes, I had posted that video since January titled Amazing Irish Tap Dancing and now the post itself has 1548 views (so far).  This was the first time that I post or see a youtube video and then I get to attend in this case, without even knowing.

All this made me think about the title of this post, I know that because we may be used to the struggles of life and how we learn that anything is not as easy as it seems, we may not always think that when things happen smoothly that is normal, but rather we think it is strange that coincidences like this happen, and I think this experience will remind me that:

This, should be normal!


I don’t know about you but for me, the internet has become this gigantic place of information, I think most of us experience some sort of information overload  when we visit sites and even perhaps in general.  This is why I always wanted to find a way to have my site very simple.

I’ve actually had the thought of having a site or blog (if you will) that will not have any archives on which all you can see is the present, because … “The past, is prologue!”

I know about all those famous topics that revolve around content, content, content! … but let’s face it, the best way to live life is in the present, yes the present moment.  I think there are uses for everything, this makes me think of how: Content + Google (or any other search engine) = get-what-you-want, instantly and that is good enough.

I remember back in 2002 or around those years when this whole revolution of blogging (which is how social media was born in my opinion) was in its infancy.  I remember feeling so excited for the fact that blogging would allow anyone to write without being a computer geek.  I remember how it fascinated me to go to and click on that top nav arrow for reading the next random blog and being so interested at what people had to say, not to mention the ability to interact by leaving a comment.

Eventually this blogging revolution took off and everybody started to jump in, including the mass media outlets which at some point criticized this so cool technology that, like I said, allowed anyone to write something because it presented a challenge for journalists.

Then, I started to see how the way TV is now, with commercials, ads and even some TV programs not so useful to humanity, started to shape the internet and then interruption became a “standard” for sites.  I think these days, most blogs out there have some sort of advertisement, which in some ways is good for bringing some benefit to that one who writes and starts to have a following.  But, my personal taste and preference is that:

Simple. Is. Good!